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paid media

how we do it

More money is spent on paid search than any other kind of advertising in the UK* - £5 billion, to be exact. That’s a lot of competition.

That’s why finding the right agency to handle your Pay Per Click (PPC) spend is vital. We’ll make your budget work hard for you, using a constantly evolving strategy that reacts to real-time changes.

It’s not just about using technology to create highly targeted, intelligently tailored campaigns that reach your audience. Search engines reward intelligently targeted ads and great landing pages; that’s why we look at your campaign from every angle. By integrating with multiple digital channels, including organic content and technical optimisation, we’ll make your PPC ads work harder and constantly evolve our strategy for maximum efficiency.

In a nutshell, our holistic approach to creating paid media campaigns helps you get the most from your budget, with a focus on reaping higher profits for your business.


*Internet advertising is the largest category of ad spend in the UK ( p.196). Largest format is paid, p. 197