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how we do it

Social media is everywhere. On average, people spend more time using digital devices than they do sleeping*, and a lot of that time is spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that brands stand out online. It’s not enough to post regular social content or throw a few ads in; in order to build awareness and drive sales brands need to entertain, inform, engage, and inspire.

From finding big influencers who will shout about your products to creating a fully integrated, highly targeted social media campaign for your brand, we’ve got it covered. We deal with organic and paid social content, as well as extensive brand analysis and influencer outreach. Our social plans are solidly based on data and insight from multiple sources, closely tailored and targeted to your brand’s KPIs, and always original, insightful and effective. The result is a unique multi-channel approach that will help your brand connect with ever more demanding audiences - and help you make significant gains in the digital sphere.

Want to know more? Find out how we can help transform your brand’s social presence today.

*OFCOM data 2017