Nestlé Professional sell a wide array of creative food and drink solutions in a B2B environment. A key focus within the business is its commercial coffee offering, which includes coffee machines, instant coffee tins & sachets. A key target audience for this coffee offering is decision-makers working in small and medium-sized enterprises.

In 2022 Nestlé Professional went through a website migration and culled a wide range of content that was driving a consumer audience, to refocus on B2B traffic.


In 2023 Nestlé Professional challenged tmwi to begin growing their visibility again within search, turning around the decline in keyword rankings and organic visibility post-migration.

It was imperative however this growth was coming from a B2B audience that was highly relevant to the business, rather than chasing traffic from a consumer audience.


  1. We created a bespoke content strategy targeting a B2B audience, specifically decision-makers in SMEs. We ran an audience search intent modelling project (ASIM). This began with analysing audience data to identify content topics SME decision-makers were most interested in.
  2. We then overlaid keyword data related to each topic to identify current pain points for the target audience and the opportunity to create advice & support content which had a demand in search and aligned to the audience.
  3. All content created was then optimised for target search terms identified through the ASIM process. Each piece was connected with relevant coffee product messaging to drive leads from the audience. Uploading this fresh content to the Nestlé Professional domain grew search visibility, whilst ensuring the new growth acquired was coming from a relevant target audience.



0Increase in keywords ranked 1-3
0Increase in total search visibility