When schools closed in 2020 due to Covid restrictions, parents were faced with balancing work life, parenting and educating their little ones in what seemed like a daunting juggling act. Understandably home-schooling became a hot topic of conversation for all family members, so when schools re-opened in 2021 the nation took a well-earned sigh of relief. 

Amongst those celebrating the opening of schools were Raja Workplace, a leading supplier of furniture and essential classroom equipment to schools across the nation. Raja Workplace wanted to tap into this euphoria whilst targeting purchasers in the education sector with a new campaign aiming to raise brand awareness and drive consideration.


We were tasked with creating an integrated brand campaign covering SEO, PR, social influencers and creative to raise awareness of their range of school equipment. Alongside increasing brand awareness as a whole, we aimed to target specific audiences with purchasing roles within the education sector. 

We knew that the power for this integrated campaign came from gaining brand validation from external sources that people within education sectors could trust, namely mainstream press and parent influencers. In order to promote the products of Raja Workplace and drive consideration we needed to engage their audience on an emotional level, delivering a heart-warming message that was not only memorable but delivered the results we were aiming for. 


  1. After brainstorming campaign ideas, we decided to survey primary school children to understand what they missed about school during the pandemic. Many children had missed school equipment which reflected the need for Raja Workplace products. Our digital PR experts analysed survey data to pick the most news-worthy results that would gain coverage amongst high-authority publications.
  2. Once a press release was published, we created a survey landing page on Raja Workplace website. This page gave readers a link to discover more backstory alongside infographic tiles and video content.
  3. To ensure our heart-warming message was delivered effectively, tmwi & Raja Workplace partnered with parenting influencers to create a fun video asking kids a number of the questions included in the survey. This video was shared with publications to encourage pick-up and backlinks.
  4. Alongside this video we also asked the bloggers to create their own content surrounding their experiences with home-schooling their kids whilst juggling their lives. This content was hosted on the parenting influencers’ own websites and social profiles.


0Increase in average order value
0Increase in website revenue
0Thousand social reach
0Thousand coverage views


“tmwi are a great agency to work with, who we’ve been with for the last 3 and a half years. They’ve proved time and again that they ‘get’ the RAJA Workplace brand. They make things easy for the client in a no-nonsense way, capture an insight and then amplify your brand message and make it resonate. The content campaigns they’ve produced have been really successful in driving high quality links back to the website. And by being true to the news of our time, they’re able to produce content that appeals to mainstream publications like the Sun and The Express, whilst being relevant to an industrial equipment B2B brand. This really is no mean feat, but the SEO team at tmwi just take it in their stride, as if it’s part of normal day-to-day work. Well believe this – it’s an exceptional piece of work! Well done!”

Andrew Wood – Ecommerce Marketing Manager – Raja Workplace