Rointe have developed their product range of maintenance-free electric heating systems to provide comfort and energy saving technologies to their customers. They constantly strive to stay ahead of the competition through new product innovations and marketing strategies.


Our objective was to develop Rointe’s brand awareness against competitor activity. The campaign goal was to create clear messaging across TV and digital to deliver frequency and drive traffic and sales to the website.


  1. We leveraged TV ads to gain reach fast and build awareness across key regions and areas that needed extra support. Regional TV activity was aligned with display & online video to drive incremental reach, frequency, and bolster brand recall for multiscreen viewers.
  2. Using data from Rointe’s website we determined the behaviours of High Value Audience and utilised TV on-demand (TVOD) to reach younger audiences
  3. Dynamic creative was used on display ads to test what creative audiences responded to.
  4. We implemented paid social media activity to drive traffic to the Rointe website and increase brand awareness across locations.
  5. The Meta pixel was utilised to capture audience members and serve relevant retargeting ads to encourage a return to the website, and keep Rointe front of mind.


0Increase in new users
0Increase in brand search
0Increase in web traffic
0Increase in web sales