In the heavily competitive travel sector, Solmar Villas were struggling to stand out. Their position in the market had become reliant on generic PPC, heavy discounts and existing customers. As other competitors were bearing the cost of increasing cost-per-clicks bids, Solmar needed a new strategy that would drive sales and brand awareness.


We were tasked with growing revenue by 20% whilst reducing reliance on generic industry PPC. Our biggest challenge would be to circumnavigate the ‘Google tax’ of high-cost generic PPC that dominated the leisure sector. Whilst navigating these challenges the ultimate aim was to deliver gradational new user sales and ROI.


  1. We utilised data across multiple villa destinations to profile audiences, once profiled we began to test and target their performance against generic PPC. 
  2. We analysed and exercised audience search behaviour around villa holidays and other in-market signals.
  3. Integrated TV sync to increase bids around competitor TV spots in lieu of Solmar’s own TV campaign.
  4. Implementing retargeting banners which were tailored to destinations that users have previously browsed, with the aim to encourage returning users and ultimately convert to a purchase. We also created high impact Page Skins to boost awareness and traffic for January sales.


0Of annual target reached by January
0Increase in conversions with TV sync
0Times new user attributed revenue ROI
0New users across CRM


“The integrated and data-led approach tmwi have molded our marketing strategy around has seen Solmar Villa’s growth surge.
With this growth comes additional investment and we plan to fully utilise learnings from our work with tmwi to bolster future activity.
A huge thank you to the team for their continued support.”
Phil Dangerfield, Digital Marketing Manager – Solmar Villas