Starbucks at Home provides at-home coffee experiences. With the cost-of-living crisis and families making cuts where possible, making coffee shop-style coffee at home was important for users and an opportunity for Starbucks at Home to connect with coffee-lovers.


Starbucks at Home needed the site to be discoverable in search and have content that was inspirational and helpful to users. This meant that we had to ensure that all pages were mapped against target keywords and optimised for SEO best practice.

We also needed to ensure the site was technically sound for search engines to discover, and functionality was in place for a seamless user experience.

We were tasked with ensuring both content and tech for the site were in line with SEO best practices. This meant staying on top of the site with regular roadmaps and data-driven optimisations.


  1. Our team ran a keyword audit and map to give every page on the site a clear target to aim for in search. We removed instances of certain pages targeting the same keyword to prevent cannibalisation.
  2. We then optimised every page’s content, headings and meta data to ensure it worked for SEO, but remained in-line with brand tone of voice as well.
  3. Finally, the site was given a technical audit and roadmap of fixes to resolve technical issues and ensure all content was indexed correctly. This included fixing broken pages and links, adding redirects and resolving indexation issues.
  4. The optimisations were implemented with the development teams, then further improvements were made after the initial results period.


0Increase in top 3 keyword rankings
0Increase in search visibility
0Increase in organic website traffic
0Increase in new users