The Royal Mint have evolved over their 1,100-year-old history to become a sophisticated manufacturer of collectable gifts, offering unmissable experiences, investments opportunities and currency solutions.

Although their brand and marketing have transformed over time, The Royal Mint’s performance marketing was becoming less effective due to an over reliance on short-term performance channel activations and a lack of sustained brand building.


As brand interest subsided and brand search decreased, performance channels became less effective at harvesting. tmwi took on the challenge to drive brand awareness and increase the pool of people in-market.

Our goal was to position The Royal Mint as a gifting proposition for new audiences, harvest demand into sales using ongoing performance channels to drive ROI and collect data to target effectively.


  1. “H2” testing proved to be effective and highlight targeted brand campaigns to supplement performance (harvesting) campaigns and reversing the negative brand interest trajectory.
  2. Display advertising was a central pillar for creating demand in market. Utilising 1st party audience data, collected to segment audiences by product, propensity to purchase, and their likely purchase amount to refine targeting to the most valuable audiences.
  3. Effective media planning delivered brand demand and PPC optimisations around hour of day to maximise PPC bidding efficiency and reduce costs.


0Increase in brand search
0Increase in website traffic
0Increase in sales
0Increase in investment