The leisure industry closed their parks during the pandemic resulting in heavy financial losses. As restrictions began to ease in 2021 West Midland Safari Park opened the doors to kick-start their business and make the most of their budget.


The goal of this summer campaign was to encourage families to consider West Midland Safari Park for their day out, amongst a myriad of leisure options through implementing a new integrated TV strategy with a shift towards digital video. This allowed TV and digital to work in sync, reaching the target Midlands audience on a frequent basis. The campaign’s aim was to drive awareness of the reopening in a competitive post-lockdown market and maximise the budget to convert brand awareness into online ticket sales.


  1. Implemented a data-led TV & TVOD strategy targeting core regional areas using ITV. Defining customers to regions enabled us to index audiences and align TV schedules to customer purchase behaviours.
  2. Secured a very competitive radio competition with Heart traffic & travel sponsorship.
  3. Ultra-targeted, data-led display and video marketing were launched for maximum exposure around high footfall areas in Birmingham and other central Midlands areas. All display aligned and synced with TV activity to drive incremental reach and generate brand interest.
  4. Online display targeted users who are family focused, have children and are in the market for days out with 1.25-hour drivetime geo targeting around the park. We used insights from summer 2020 activity to inform the strongest audiences, inventory, time of day/day of week, and formats. We also retargeted non-purchasing visitors to encourage subsequent sales.


0Increase in web sales
0Increase in web revenue
0Increase in web traffic
0Increase in brand search
0Million impressions an increase of 42%
0X incremental ROI