Data Insights and Audience Profiling

How We Use Data

Data is at the heart of everything we do. We’re not afraid to tackle the world of bytes and delve into your customers digital lives with our own powerful, integrated data visualisation platform. We’ll deliver you precise audience profiling on a silver platter to help you recognise your key audiences and discover where your brand will make the most impact.

Our process

Once we have these data insights, we then use them to inform your campaigns in real time. We’re experts in sifting through complex data from multiple sources to get to the good stuff: the things that actually matter to your audience. You can then take these insights and put your brand where it counts.

Results through partnership

We don’t just provide you with pretty tables and graphs either, but our data led approach gets results. Recently we analysed how each medium of advertising affects the customer journey. Using these data insights, we allocated budget to ensure we were maximising sales and revenue. And, the outcome speaks for itself…

• Media spend was reduced by 68% YoY
• Brand searches were increased by 109% YoY
• Traffic was increased by 20% YoY
• Store footfall was increased 23% YoY
• Return on investment (ROI) was increased by +201% YoY


Time and time again, they prove me right in choosing them! - Purina

I just wanted to say thank you to the team for the dedication and commitment… We’re seeing noticeable improvements with all elements. - MG

They are a dream agency team to work with, with a professional can-do attitude, flexible style and a real willingness to offer advice and guidance beyond the scope of their original brief. - Dolce Gusto

How Do We Identify Your Audience?

Step 1

We use our own proprietary tech, called the Audience Refinery to analyse and identify your audience across a number of channels.

Step 2

Once we've gathered insights on your existing audience, our team will conduct further analysis and gather market insights to create look-a-like audiences to compliment this.

Step 3

From this research, we can inform and create bespoke data-led campaigns for your brand. This can be across a range of mediums, from traditional media planning, to SEO, digital out of home and mobile orientated advertising. 

Step 4

Is where the magic happens... Using our 20 years of experience, we'll create a personalised, informed plan that will target and identify the audiences that matter most to your brand. Feeding this insight into your wider marketing activity.

Our promise

An audience that listens to you, connects with your message and is ready to take action – that’s what you need and that’s exactly what we deliver. Our wide-ranging audience and data insights will bring your people closer to you than ever before. Our goal? To describe what they need better than they can do it for themselves. To use the exact words they’re using. No matter whether they’re already part of your audience or they still need to discover your brand, you’ll have them hooked.