Social Media Marketing

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How We Engage

In this ever-evolving digital world, social media marketing is one of the key ways customers are discovering brands. We use powerful data and insights to find your target audience and understand what content they want to engage with. From finding authentic influencers to creating multi-channel campaigns to drive conversions, we’ll make sure your brand is recognised.

Our process

When working with tmwi, we’ll make your brand stands out from the crowd. Using audience data, we carve out a social strategy that will resonate with your audience and deliver the results you need, all within the ever-changing social media landscape.

Results through partnership

Once you harness the beast of social media marketing, the results are second to none. When we used audience profiling and analysis of existing strategies, we saw activity for our client, Furniture Village skyrocket to success.

This included increasing overall social traffic by 112.1%, overall reach by 250.9% and organic engagments by 550%.

Time and time again, they prove me right in choosing them! - Purina

I just wanted to say thank you to the team for the dedication and commitment… We’re seeing noticeable improvements with all elements. - MG

They are a dream agency team to work with, with a professional can-do attitude, flexible style and a real willingness to offer advice and guidance beyond the scope of their original brief. - Dolce Gusto


tmwi Social Media Process

Step 1

We'll conduct competitor analysis to inform cost and performance estimates and plan campaign builds.

Step 2

Create campaigns, ads and audiences and initial budgeting based on data.

Step 3

Analyse placement and device performance, auction insights and use this to optimise for best performance.

Step 4

Regular reporting of performance data, with insights and commentary.

Our Ethos

How do you get someone to stop scrolling and pay attention to your brand? This is the challenge that everyone faces on social, and it’s where we come in. We use data to find out where your target audience is and what content they’re looking for. With expertise in both paid and organic social, we help to shape a social strategy that goes beyond reach and impressions.